Tuesday, January 4, 2011

36 Week Update

Well, the doctor broke the news to me that I am not dilated a bit! It is not surprising because this is my first child. It is frustrating because I have been walking religiously for a while now to try and move things along. The doctor also thinks that the baby has not flipped upside down yet. He thinks this because he had to put the doppler on the top of my uterus to find the little guy's heart beat. I am not surprised that he may be head up because he's been pushing on my rib cage on the right side for the past couple of weeks. I can feel that it is something big instead of something like feet. I theorized that it is his head or rump. I asked the doc how big he thinks the baby is. Based on measurements, he thinks the baby is about 5 pounds right now. So, I may have a 7 or 8 pound baby if I carry to full term. That's a healthy baby!

Monday, January 3, 2011

It has been too long!

Wow! I was embarrased to see that the last time I blogged was September 24, 2010. In my defense, many things were going on in our life. We had a wedding in Omaha that we drove up to from San Antonio in the middle of September. After driving home, Rob moved up to Omaha for good. The plan was for him to secure a job and a place for us to live by the time I moved up in November. Thankfully, he found a great job with Creighton University and found us a great house to rent. I did the joys of out-processing down in San Antonio and making sure the house was packed up and cleaned. Rob flew down from Omaha to drive up with me (I couldn't do the 18 hour drive by myself with a packed car!). We moved into the new house smoothly and I had the house put together a couple of weeks later. Mind you, this was all done while seven months pregnant.

In the middle of November, we drove out to Illinois to visit Rob's parents and extended family. We were able to have a Thanksgiving meal with them. His family also threw us a wonderful baby shower. It was so sweet how his family drove in from different parts of Iowa and Illinois just to see us.

In the beginning of December, two things happened. I was officially separated from the Air Force and our precious Annie dog had to be put to sleep. We were very sad about the loss of Annie but we could not stand to see her suffering. We enjoyed a nice Christmas celebration with Rob's brother, niece, and sister. Then, New Years came around and we celebrated that with some good friends.

I finally finished the baby's room. I put it off because I was so overwhelmed with everything that a baby needed and couldn't figure out how I wanted to organize the room. A friend pointed out that I should get it done sooner than later because once the baby is here, I will have no time to do it. Here are some pictures of the room.

These photos are not the most recent representation of the room; just what was on my phone from December.

I am officially 36 weeks pregnant today. I am going in to the doctor once a week for visits now. Last week I was not dilated. I will not be shocked if this child is late (due date is January 31st). I have increased my activity to walking 2 miles a day. I love the gym on Offutt Air Force Base because it has an amazing indoor track.

Friday, September 24, 2010

Second Ultrasound Visit

It's a BOY!!! We had our second ultrasound done on Tuesday September 7th. After battling with the little guy to flip over and show us his belly, he finally cooperated. Rob got to sit behind the technician and view the whole encounter. He said he thought he saw the little guy's penis but didn't want to say anything until the technician confimed it. We are so excited that we get to know what gender the baby is. We did not care if the baby was going to be a girl or a boy; we just want a healthy baby.

We are making lists of names that we like but we are waiting until we meet him before finally deciding on the name.

Ultrasound and Belly Pictures

Week 17

Week 18

Week 19

Week 21

Week 21

Okay, so I cannot post the picture of the first ultrasound because it is in Adobe and this program does not accept that. I will work on trying to get them on here asap. However, I have been able to post the pictures that I have been taking of the belly as it grows.

Saturday, August 21, 2010

The Beginning

Hello, everyone. I decided to make a blog about this pregnancy.

We decided to wait until we were past the "safety zone" of 13 weeks before announcing the pregnancy. As of next Monday, August 23rd, we will be 17 weeks along. I started taking pictures of the belly last week because that is the first time that the husband could really see any difference. (I will post that soon).

Our first appointment was an ultrasound at 10 weeks. Rob went along with me to the appointment because we were really nervous about seeing this little munchkin. It was so cute! I had to show up with a full bladder and it was not fun having the technician pushing on my bladder with the wand to see the baby. Sure enough, there was this little gummy bear looking thing hanging out in there. It had a huge head in proportion to its body and tiny arm and leg buds. At one point, the little head was still and the rest of the body was moving back and forth as if it were dancing! (I will post the pictures from that session too!).

My first OB appointment was pretty uneventful. Rob had school, so I went to this one alone. They attempted to find the heart beat with the doppler, but were unable to. I must admit, I felt so nervous that something had gone wrong until they brought in the crude ultrasound machine and found the baby. Sure enough, it was wiggling around and you could see the flickering of the heart. (There are no pictures from that appointment).

This past Thursday, August 19th, was our 16 week appointment. I really wanted Rob to come along since he will be moving up to Nebraska soon and we will be apart for a month. The technician put some cold gel on my belly (which felt great because it was over 100 degrees here in Texas!) and started looking for the baby. Sure enough, we heard the distinct sound of horse hoofs through the little box. And then a slight smack and they were gone. This little munchkin is fiesty! She had to chase it around and let us hear the heart. That was fun. Luckily, I was able to get a prescription for Zantac and prenatal vitamins. The Zantac will be a lifesaver! I tend to get heartburn every now and then. I hear from other people that women can get heart burn from just simply drinking water. From this appointment, I also got a referral for a growth scan in a couple of weeks. We are hoping to make the appointment for September 7th. At that appointment, we will be able to find out the gender of the baby. It is hard not to call the baby "he" or "she" and it feels weird calling the baby "it".